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About two weeks ago, I took a much needed break and flew to Watamu for the weekend. Watamu is a small town in Kilifi County about 30 minutes away from Malindi. It was my first time there and it was just what I needed. Scroll down for some pictures and answers to FAQs!


Leaving grey Nairobi (left) for sunny Malindi (right)

     .    .

My cousin, Chemu, was my travel partner. We discovered we have the same purse from Wazawazi, in different materials!

The Hotel


We stayed at Kobe Suite Resort. It’s a beautiful property with a lush garden and spectacular view of the ocean!


Loved this beach bag they gave us at the hotel! So stylish, I wanted to take it home. My favourite sunglasses also came with me.


This was my lunch on arrival at the hotel. I ordered the octopus (left) but it was pretty bland so I got some pasta instead (right).


I loved this tiramisu. One of my favourite desserts!

How cute is this swimsuit!?


Sundowners at Lichthaus Watamu

We went to Lichtaus, a bar on the ocean, for sundowners. It was a couple of minutes from the hotel.


Rosé at sunset. Thanks to these hammocks, we could sit over the ocean as we watched the sun go down!


The beauty of dusk. I love the blues in the picture on the left. The meal on the right was delicious!


We got back to the hotel, had some tea and went to sleep.



Part of the breakfast we had at the hotel. Delicious!



Sunscreen is a life essential but even more important at the beach!

Yummy burger.

Sunset Dhow

On our last full day, we went on a dhow.


We were so excited!


Very yummy dawa on board!

Papa Remo Beach

A few people recommended visiting Papa Remo Beach, so we passed by on our last day.



The drinks were good. The pizza was very average. But the views? Immaculate.

Yoga and Massages

On the last day, we went to Watamu Treehouse for yoga. I’m not usually the biggest fan of yoga but I really enjoyed this session!



Later that day, I had a full body massage in an open air room overlooking the ocean. It was super relaxing! It cost Kshs 3,000.

Answering Questions

Who did you go with? 

My cousin Chemu! She was a fantastic travel partner.

How long did you get there from Nairobi and how long did it take?

We flew from Nairobi to Malindi via Fly540. The flight was about 45 minutes. Once we arrived at Malindi Airport, we took a 20-30 minute taxi ride to our hotel for Kshs 2,000. Contact Omar for a reliable service 0719732856.

Which hotel did you stay at?

We stayed at Kobe Suite Resort in Watamu. It’s a beautiful hotel with great service. I would definitely go back.

Kindly give an approximate budget for the trip? How much do I need to budget for a similar itinerary?

Approximately Kshs 40,000 each (flights, accommodation, food, taxis and tuk tuks etc) for three days and two nights.

What could you say is different between Watamu and Diani?

I think the beaches in Watamu were more beautiful! Other than that, not much. I’ve only visited each destination once and they seemed pretty much the same to me.

Did the places you visited require reservation or you just walked in?

We called in advance for yoga but everything else was walk-in.

Did you use a travel agency? 

No, we didn’t. We planned it ourselves.

Was it an all inclusive trip in one hotel? Or bed and breakfast only?

It was bed and breakfast. This is what I prefer usually so you can try other spots for lunch and dinner.

How do you decide on who sleeps in the master bedroom on a girls’ trip? 

Haha, we didn’t have this dilemma! But if there’s only one big bed, I recommend rock, paper, scissors or flipping a coin.

With this trip, I’ve officially covered the holy trinity of the Kenyan Coast (by that I mean Diani, Lamu and Watamu). I’d love to visit Malindi sometime soon. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! If you’ve already been to Watamu, what did you do while there?

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  1. We went for snorkeling and watched the sunset in litchaus. We had a good time.

    • Ooh, snorkelling must have been so fun! Added to my list for next time 🙂

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