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so...who's Terembe?

by day...

a global strategy & communications professional

by night...

a content creator, curator and strategist



Terembe is a lifestyle content creator with a passion for style, storytelling and social justice. Through her platforms, she skillfully weaves engaging narratives and visuals that resonate with her audience. Her innovative approach to storytelling is exemplified by the widely acclaimed ‘Daily Recap’ format on Instagram Stories, embraced by 100s of creators worldwide. Terembe has worked with 25+ local and international brands, helping them achieve sales, brand visibility and legitimacy through her platform. Her previous clients include Google, NIVEA, Kotex, Cherubet Foods and Jumia, to name a few. She also serves on the advisory board for ZIA Africa, a sustainable Made in Kenya fashion brand. Terembe stands at the intersection of creativity and business, poised to shape the future of the creative economy. 



Terembe is a strategy and communications professional with a passion for social justice, storytelling and the creative economy. She is currently an MBA Candidate at the University of Oxford, building on 6+ years of experience in strategy, stakeholder engagement and communications. She holds a Law degree from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Africa and International Development from the University of Edinburgh. In 2021, Terembe was appointed to CARE Kenya’s board, providing strategic direction and oversight towards their 2030 vision to enhance women and girl’s economic capacities. These eclectic academic and work experiences have shaped her interdisciplinary approach to work and life.