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words and photos by Terembe Cherono

This year I want to overhaul my shoe collection. Most of the shoes I have, particularly my heels, were purchased years ago – some even as far back as when I was in university! I need my shoes to reflect my current style. I have a few different styles on my wishlist but let’s get into a pair that I recently picked up.

I’ve been following Titi Adesanya on Instagram for over five years. I was drawn to her elegant style and exquisite taste in just about everything! So a couple of years ago when she launched her eponymous line of footwear, I was itching to get my hands on a pair. After a two-month wait (thanks to a self-inflicted shipping issue), the heels finally arrived.

The Onigèlè Rainbow Mule is part of Titi Adesa‘s third collection ‘Ties That Bind‘. Titi’s shoes are inspired by her Nigerian heritage and these mules in particular were designed with the gèlè (headgear worn by women wear at weddings and special occasions) in mind. Mules are definitely my preferred style of heel! I love that these come in a rainbow colourway which is rare and just super gorgeous!  They stand out but can still work as a neutraliser to any outfit. I think I’d be able to wear these shoes with just about any colour under the sun!

The shoes retail at £485 and come wrapped in a beautiful lavender box with a ribbon. I’ve actually not had any occasion to wear them yet so can’t speak to their comfort or longevity yet. Once I’ve worn them a few times, I’ll certainly share an update on my Instagram.

What do you think of these shoes? Any cute heel recommendations for me? Please share them in the comments below!

Terembe Cherono is a creator, curator and convenor based in Nairobi, Kenya. For the last 10 years, Terembe has used her social media platforms (particularly Instagram and YouTube), to share lifestyle content using extremely compelling storytelling formats. In the last two years, she has developed a highly popular technique for Instagram Stories known as a ‘Daily Recap’ used by numerous content creators globally. She has supported several influencers and small businesses to leverage social media for brand building and sales.

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