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words and photos by Terembe Cherono

Seeing a therapist is one of the best ways to take care of your mental health. But it’s not the only way to improve your wellbeing – mental health is a much broader project. It’s not simply about ticking the therapy box. I like to build a suite of solutions that I can reach into on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to check in with myself. Here’s what’s worked for me.

A bouquet I received recently from Flora by Endo


Being physically active is one of the most effective ways to feel good. Working out has been shown to release endorphins and serotonin, hormones that help relieve stress and boost your mood. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean the gym – you can do home workouts using apps like the Nike Training Club, play sports outdoors like tennis or participate in group activities like a dance class.

Listening to Music

Music can be a fantastic medium to process and express emotions. Whether you play it to dance or play it to cry, music can surface the feelings that we suppress and help us release. If you’d like some music to listen to, check out my playlists here.

Connecting with Community

Contributing to community is a great way to combat feelings of helplessness. This could mean helping loved ones or offering your time and energy to your local charity. Caring for others can make you feel valuable and take you out of your head.

Being out in nature

Spending time outdoors is one of my favourite ways to clear my mind. I love taking walks, cycling or just sunbathing and feeling the breeze on my face. After all the time spent indoors, sometimes in uninspiring spaces, a change of scenery can be the perfect antidote to a low spirit.

Focus on what you’re good at

In situations where you feel defeated, focusing on activities you enjoy and that you’re good at can help you gain your power back. Write a list of things you’re good at and do them when you feel low. For me, writing, taking pictures and doing hair are my go-to’s.

Doing nothing

As someone who generally likes to keep busy, every once in a while, I like to make time to relax and do nothing. In a world that is overly output-driven, it’s easy to feel guilty about not being productive. It’s important to detach our value from what we can achieve and make time to just chill.

Any other things you do to keep a healthy mind and spirit? Let me know in the comments below

Terembe Cherono is a creator, curator and digital strategist based in Nairobi, Kenya. For the last 10 years, Terembe has used her social media platforms (particularly Instagram and YouTube), to share lifestyle content using extremely compelling storytelling formats. In the last two years, she has developed a highly popular technique for Instagram Stories known as a ‘Daily Recap’ used by numerous content creators globally. She has supported several influencers and small businesses to leverage social media for brand building and sales.

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    • I’m so glad! Thank you

  2. I really love your writings. Keep it up.

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