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words by Olivia Ambani

Our content reflects who we are, our values and our state of being. So allow me to begin by asking: How are you?

Are you connecting with the content you’re creating?

Are the systems and tools you’re using supporting who you are and where you are in your season of life?

In the next 800 words or so, I want to share 7 things that can help you consistently create content that you connect with. And in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout! 

  1. There is room for you to show up as yourself online! Even if you haven’t seen anyone else like you online, that’s ok! You are unique and the fact that you exist is validation enough that you are worthy to be seen and your ideas matter. So allow yourself to show up online in a way that you connect with. You will be amazed at how many people you inspire when you show up as you. Give yourself permission to be yourself.  
  2. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you share your content. Take time to explore and change your mind. Your content doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ before you share it with your audience. The only way you will know if the content works for you and your brand is by continuously showing up and sharing your content and then evaluating and making changes as you go. Majority of the content creators that you are inspired by didn’t begin with the content you see them share now, they have all been on a journey – experimenting and figuring out what content works for them and their brand. Extend yourself the same grace.
  3. Reduce the number of steps it takes to create content. As a fellow creator I understand all too well the analysis paralysis syndrome and how overthinking can stop you from creating. One of the things that keeps us overthinking is creating too many conditions or steps that must be done before we create content i.e you will not create unless you have the  right equipment, location, outfit, looking your ‘best’. There was a time when I used these reasons to justify why I can’t create video content. Then one day I decided to try creating a video with what I had: My phone, natural light and a corner in the house.  At the time I had a phone that I felt was incapable of creating quality video. But I soon realized once I began using it that the quality was good enough for me to start. I would shoot at home and edit everything on my phone. That’s what helped me launch a series on my Instagram pageMarketing Mondays” that has been featured on Facebook’s official business page and brought me numerous opportunities including writing this article. But in order for me to get here I had to start with what I had and make the content creation process simple for me.
  4. Consistency is key but remember to maintain it in a way that supports your current season of life! I know you have probably heard lots of experts say that you need to post consistently everyday if you want to grow your brand. There is some truth to that but that is not the only way. Instead I would advise that you pick a posting frequency that you can sustain for at least 6 months rather than burning yourself out trying to keep up with someone else’s posting frequency. Consistency is consistency, whether you post daily or once a week. So in this season of your life, how often can you realistically create content? Once you get clarity, you can decide your posting frequency. Remember you have a whole life; you are more than a content creator, so you need to account for all these things when you are setting your content creation and posting frequency. 
  5. Adapt systems into your content creation journey that help you thrive! How do you like to create? Spur of the moment or at a certain time with a plan or a mix of both. Being aware of the way you prefer to work and create will help you be more productive. Here are a number of systems you can adapt and customize to help you thrive:
    • Having a content list, where you note your content ideas. When you’re adding to the list don’t judge your ideas or try to figure out how feasible there are, just note them down. Every idea is valid! Allow it to make it to the list. I keep mine on Google Keep because it’s easy to access on my phone and computer. 
    • Creating a content calendar that allows you to plan out your content and select which platforms you will post on. This will also help you schedule your content creation days. 
    • Scheduling time to generate content ideas and create. You can set aside a specific day and time each week and set a reminder on your phone or add it to your Google Calendar to help you stay accountable and consistent.
    • Using scheduling tools: that will help you post more consistently. A number of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) have inbuilt scheduling tools that you can use. In addition there are scheduling apps like Plann, Planonly and Buffer that you can use.

Whatever system you choose, remember you can adapt it to suit your working style. 

  1. Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with people that affirm you and speak positively about content creators. Have you ever been in a space where the people around you are constantly talking negatively about other content creators? I have and it made me very fearful of sharing my own content. I began to second guess myself more and I wondered what they would say about my content when I wasn’t present. In that season of my life, I was already very critical of my own content and surrounding myself with people who were tearing down other content creators just led to me doubting myself even more. When I started to become aware of the power of my mind and that I can choose the people I surround myself with, I began to make some conscious changes. I started to speak more positively about my content and surrounded myself with people who were more affirming and objective with their feedback. 
  2. You are allowed to take a break! This took me a number of years to accept! I used to be filled with so much shame when I wasn’t able to stay consistent and when I would burnout. ‘What is wrong with me?’ I would ask myself, how are other content creators managing to keep up? What I wasn’t accounting for was the fact that we all have different journeys, life circumstances that influence what we can and cannot do from day to day.  And most importantly how much more productive and creative we become when we allow ourselves to rest. I now schedule at least one day a month where I don’t create content or post on social media. As much as consistency is key, our wellbeing is more important because the state of person behind the content matters. So please give yourself permission to take a break and rest!

Do you have any other tips for Content Creators? Drop them below in the comments!

Olivia Ambani is a singer, songwriter and marketing consultant. She released her debut album – The Awakening – in April 2021 featuring 14 songs all written and performed by her, including her inspirational single – Better Than Just Fine – that she released in 2019 thanks to emPawa Africa.  Olivia Ambani also supports small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals by offering marketing solutions through her marketing consultation sessions. She also has an ongoing series (Marketing Mondays)  on her Instagram page (@Olivia_Ambani) where she shares marketing tips and resources.

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  1. I really needed this in this season of my life, so thank you

    • I’m so glad, Lorraine! Thanks for reading 🙂

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