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words by Terembe Cherono

Finding a reliable therapist can be difficult. A few years ago when I was in the thick of a crisis, I turned to my community online for recommendations and they came through for me in a big way. I curated a thread on Twitter with the recommendations but decided recently to make an additional, more current list for 2022. This new list isn’t to nullify the other – it’s simply to add to it.

My deepest gratitude to everyone who shared recommendations with me! I followed up with as many as I could to get the information below for you. The list is mostly of therapists/psychologists, but there are a couple of psychiatrists (google the difference). Although I’m excited to share this list, I do want to give some caveats:

  • What worked for one person may not work for another. It’s very possible that a therapist that meets my needs isn’t effective for you. That doesn’t mean the person was lying or that the therapist isn’t good – therapists have different values and approaches, so it’s about finding the right fit for you.
  • With that said, don’t be afraid to try different therapists until you find a suitable one. Also don’t forget sometimes it takes a few sessions to feel settled with your therapist. It’s not always perfect at the start but it can get better with time.
  • Do your own due diligence. Like any field, there are definitely quacks out there. Important information to get from your therapist before you begin can include: years of practice, whether they are registered with an accredited body and educational qualification. I’ve been advised that a psychologist should at least have a degree in clinical psychology or counselling (or similar). Additional education such as diplomas or masters in the practice is certainly reassuring.
  • I tried to make sure the information was as accurate as possible but if there’s any mistakes please contact me via Instagram DM (@terembecherono) and I’ll correct it.

As someone who has experienced the transformative power of therapy, I hope this list is a helpful starting point for anyone looking! All the best.

NameLocationSpecialtyContactCost (per session)InsuranceYears of PracticePerson Who Recommends Says...
Amani Counseling Nairobi, Mombasa, Nyeri, Kisumu Counseling0722626590KSHS 2,500 (M-Pesa)
Kshs 3,500 (Insurance)
YesOver 40 years -
Brenda SharpNairobi
(can meet at locations such as Arboretum or Karura)
ADHD, Anxiety, Attachment Issues, Burn-out & Work Stress, Childhood Trauma, Depression, GBV Personal Development0739425425 or sharpperceptions@gmail.comUSD 35 – USD 250
(depending on the service)
Not at the moment8 years “I like that she’s affirming and always checks that I feel heard. Also the diverse resources she shares, I always leave the session enlightened and supported”
Dr. BukusiHurlinghamPsychiatric Care 0705417011KSHS 4,000Yes – SedgwickOver 30 years“With him, I have to say it was the first time I felt really listened to. He listens and is interested in who I am and what I’m going through.”
Calvin Opondo @therapy_with_cal Peponi RoadClinical Psychology, Youth0720792543KSHS 2,000 Yes4 years“He is the most professional, well connected therapist I’ve seen”
Celestine OmondiOasis Health, Greenhouse MallPsychologist0731601331---“Celestine was willing to allow me to bring someone to therapy to facilitate a difficult discussion I kept postponing”
Dr. Charity WaithimaAdams Arcade, VirtualFamily Therapy0720830645KSHS 4,000NoOver 18 years
Elizabeth KhaembaNgong Road, 5th AvenueClinical Psychologist, Children and Adolescents0722397547KSHS 6,000Yes – Jubilee, Sedgwick and others Over 15 years-
Evelyn MajimboLangat'aMarriage and Family Therapist0722605200KSHS 3,000Not at the momentOver 9 years “She’s incredibly patient and she’s wonderfu with young adults. I was drowning for most of 2021 and she helped me get through a really difficult period in my life.”
Leah KuriaParklands, Virtual Behavioral Therapy, Children and Adults0723338633Children: KSHS 3,500 for assessment and KSHS 2,500 thereafter
Adults: KSHS 3,500 for assessment and KSHS 3,000 thereafter
Not at the moment7 years“She is great”
Melissa Kioko
Mental Illness Management, Trauma, Mental Wellness, Trauma
0713131636KSHS 2,000Not at the momentOver 2 years“Very queer friendly”
Dr. Michelle Karume Spring ValleyMarriage and Family Therapy, Medical Family Therapy, Collaborative Care and Program Development, Childhood Disorders 0717787807KSHS 7,000NoOver 13 years“Super professional and helpful”
Dr. Naomi JamesGreenhouse MallMarital and Family Issues, Depressive and Trauma-Related Disorders0717603487KSHS 5,000Yes-
Sharlyne NafulaVirtualAnger Management, Anxiety and General Wellbeing, Bipolar0702811383KSHS 2,500 (first session) KSHS 2,000 (thereafter) No3 years“She is really good at what she does. Plus she is LGBTQ friendly.”
Stella KivutiCan meet you where you’re comfortableDepression, Psychiatric Disorders0725546571KSHS 3,000 (first session) KSHS 2,500 (thereafter)No5 years “She currently works at a rehab and is very understanding, creates a safe environment for everyone”
Wilson KazoobaUganda, Virtual +256 781517111UGX 100,000No

Terembe Cherono is a creator, curator and digital strategist based in Nairobi, Kenya. For the last 10 years, Terembe has used her social media platforms (particularly Instagram and YouTube), to share lifestyle content using extremely compelling storytelling formats. In the last two years, she has developed a highly popular technique for Instagram Stories known as a ‘Daily Recap’ used by numerous content creators globally. She has supported several influencers and small businesses to leverage social media for brand building and sales.

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