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I’ve been seeing a therapist for almost two years now in order to take care of my mental wellbeing and build healthy coping strategies. Since I started my sessions, I’ve laughed, cried, gained confidence, lost confidence and felt every emotion in between! It’s truly a journey like no other with much to expect. I’ve distilled some of my favourite life lessons from therapy below:

  • I can only be responsible for myself

You can’t (and shouldn’t) be burdened by the consequences of other people’s actions. Step back and focus on yourself.

  • Good decisions don’t always feel right in the moment

It can feel unsettling when you make a tough decision, but trust that the discomfort will wear off over time and you’ll be at ease.

  • Your gut is not wrong

Listen to how your body feels in the moment – it’s a reliable guide.

  • No-one is a mind reader

Learn to express and communicate effectively so that you can have your needs met.

  • You are doing better than you feel

My therapist said this to me once and I use it as an affirmation when I’m feeling anxious.

  • You should only give what you can afford

I hate to ration how much I give but it’s important to create boundaries to ensure your sanity and prevent resentment.

  • This has nothing to do with me

A reminder to not internalise the attitudes and behaviours of those around you.

  • Fighting is an art

Conflict is a natural part of relationships. It’s important to learn how to express frustrations and receive feedback about how your words and actions affect those you interact with.

  • Revisit the past

It can be scary and daunting to revisit the past but it helps you understand your early influences and how they affect your current decisions.

  • Healing never ends

Therapy will never suffice for all of life’s peaks and valleys. It’s a never-ending journey.

Although therapy has been an integral part of my mental health, it’s not the only way to look after yourself – it’s one tool in the box. Other ways to look after your mental health include exercise, listening to music, being outdoors, doing nothing, caring for others and so much more!

Do you go to therapy? Share any lessons from your sessions below. Thanks to my cousin Chemu for sharing some of her lessons with me for this post!

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  1. I just started therapy, I think a couple of weeks ago and it has been really insightful. The inner work can be so hard, but it is so so rewarding. That has been one of my lessons so far

    • Totally – the inner work is incredibly hard.

  2. Great reflections!

    • Thank you!

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