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It’s been 17 months since I moved into my first apartment. I love being at home, despite the fact that it is currently burdened with multiple identities – it’s an office, a gym as well as being the space where I unclench my jaws and put my feet up. To create a safe, happy home, I’ve tried different practices and settled on a few rituals to fill my space with beauty and style.

Lighting Candles

One of my favourite ways to create ambiance and intimacy in my home is to perfume my home with scented candles. Lighting candles helps me distinguish work from play during this endless work from home period. I’m drawn to scents that are either fresh and citrusy or warm and woody. Here are a few of the candle brands in my collection which I’d recommend:

Scents by Zoljke

Recommended candle – Kachumbari – warm, sensual and sultry
Available here


Recommended candle – Reggio – a mediterranean getaway
Available here

Forvr Mood

Recommended candle – Cuffing Season – a fresh, sexy and sparkling scent for your bedroom
Available here.

Washa Candles 

Recommended candle – Turkana – a peppery floral, unexpected but welcome
Available here.


Arranging Flowers 

Picking up (or receiving) a fresh bouquet is an instant mood lifter. I try to pick up a bunch twice a month, it brightens my home and gives it a little personality. Here are a few bouquets I’ve loved this year:


Playing Music 

I grew up in a house where my mom would play loud music (usually gospel or lingala) as she cooked. It’s only natural that I adapted this habit in my own home. I use music to set the scene when I’m showering, cooking, working or getting dressed. Check out my playlists on Apple Music.

Let me know how else you create a space you love!

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