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I spend a significant of time in my bedroom so it’s important to me that it’s a space I enjoy. I’ve finally got a vision for my room so wanted to share my current mood board!


When I think of the overall aesthetic of my room, I’m reminded of a desert. Not in terms of dust and aridity but rather warmth and textures. I already have a lot of white in my house (especially the living areas), so I wanted my bedroom to have a different personality.

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Colour Palette

Like a desert, I’ve chosen earthy tones like terracotta, sandy brown, sunset pink and golden yellow. I love this palette of colours – it’s vibrant without being too bright and mature without being too boring. My current wall colour is ‘Polished Leather‘ from Crown Paints Vinyl Matt Emulsion Luxury.

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At the moment, I have one piece of furniture in my room – my bed. I’ve ordered two nightstands from Santana Africa and plan to buy a dresser table in the next couple of months. That’ll be as much furniture as my bedroom can handle without looking too cluttered! I haven’t felt compelled by any dresser table designs but the picture below is similar to what I’d like (not as many drawers though).

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I’m really excited to get artwork for my room but can’t decide on what kind I want yet. I think it’ll be the last step of styling my room so that it ties in well with everything else. I’ve also considered a macrame piece or a raffia wallhanging, both of which I think are really beautiful and on brand!

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As it stands, I’ve only accessorised my bedroom with a gorgeous handwoven carpet (acquired from my mom’s house, lol). Once I get my night stands, I’ll add a moon lamp on either one. I love moon lamps! And I think it fits in perfectly with the desert theme.

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With a desert theme, it’s only natural that the plant of choice is a cactus. I’ve not had the greatest track record keeping cacti alive, but I do love their aesthetic. I’ll be visiting Mandhari Plants soon to choose one.

Source: Pinterest

I can’t wait to have the entire room put together. I’ll share some pictures of the outcome as well as where I source the items. If you have any ideas for my room that you think would fit with my theme, I’d love to know in the comments below!

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  1. I love your sense of color it beautiful. Am a girl but most of the times i fall in love with black i mean a black and white bedroom is always a comfort for me..

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